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Girlfriend, we know how bad you want to move the needle in your beauty biz. We've been there too. Give us 15 minutes a day and we'll teach you how to make $500 this month (and probably a lot more!) in a fresh, modern way YOU can be proud of.
A proven 30 day step by step action plan to create revenue!
Meet The Playbook! The same proven system we used to build our $20 million beauty social selling empire. (YUP! WE SAID $20 MILLION DOLLARS!)

We're OBSESSED with the power of this industry so we finally decided to open up our beauty biz playbook to girl bosses just like you. 

We're giving you our exact day to day business plan and all the tools you need to make it happen. The Playbook is the business plan we only WISH we had when we started!
We know you. You're a goal digger like us, determined to change your life. You know this business model works and you want to make it work for you! But, let's face it, there are only so many hours in the day! You literally can't sacrifice any more time away from your family to learn the latest on the FB algorithm or spend hours messaging your friends about your latest party, only to be ignored. Ain't nobody got time for that! Girl, stop spinning your wheels, We've got you!
done for you social media posts and scripts
The most common question we get is, "Yeah, but what do I post to actually make a sale?" We're giving you the exact social media posts and scripts we've used to build our business. What's the point of posting if it doesn't create revenue? This is content that actually CONVERTS.
modernized home & online party templates
Listen up. Facebook parties are dead. So are home parties. Ouch, reality hurts sometimes, huh? Don't worry. You're in good hands. We've discovered a system that works SO much better than the traditional Facebook party. And home parties? You're going to love this fresh, modernized version. Instead of begging people to come, you'll have a wait list. Trust us. 

Not only does the Playbook include our exact templates, you get fresh, gorgeous, custom graphics to blow your customers out of the water!

comprehensive tech tutorial from the beginner to the expert
There's nothing worse than wasted time spent trying to figure out tech, amIright? What good is the Playbook if you have no idea how to put in action? Fifteen quick and easy tech video tutorials should do the trick! We promise you won't be scratching your head any longer!
The Playbook is the exact system we've used to build a 20 million dollar social selling business.
...a system, that has since been easily duplicated and has been producing the same successful results as what we originally experienced. We are now on a mission to help others just like us and impact the Social Selling Industry with super accelerated growth all around!
It all Started Here...
Want us to hold your hand and show you what to do everyday? 

Hi! We're Dawn and Hilarry. Just think of us as your own personal uplines! (Or your Big Gulp drinking besties. We're good with that too! )

We founded Modern Social after building a $20 million social selling business in under two years. What began for us as “We would never try a direct sales business!” turned into “Wait a minute, this is actually a genius business model!” We've helped more than 4,000 women leverage tools and strategies to build a rockin business of their own and we want to help you too! 

We know there's often a stigma attached to social selling. We almost missed out on the business of a lifetime because of it. It's our mission in life to get rid of it! 

We’re here to help you modernize your social selling business. We discovered a better way. This is not your mama’s direct sales business. We’re teaching you the tools and skills you need to rock your beauty based business and still have time to show up well for the ones you love and show up for your life! Let us help with all of the tools and strategy at your fingertips to build a life-changing business you deserve.

The Playbook creates a profitable business without...
• Wasted Time....
• Wasted Money....
• Embarrassing Rejection...
• Constant Confusion...
Give us 30 days and we'll show you how to build a life changing business you can be proud of
The most comprehensive business plan specifically for the beauty biz...
Done for you posts
The exact posts with verbiage and graphics you need to generate income in your beauty biz.
modern graphics
Enough with the generic graphics your company's marketing department give you or the ones your upline threw together on Word Swag! Our professional graphic designer (who btw has done work for Target- swoon!) got ya, girlfriend!
30 day action plan
Don't wonder what to do every day. Follow this step-by-step 30 day plan of ACTION. No fluff here!
beautiful photos
We're pretty picky about what we put in our feeds and we want you to be too. Use these fresh, modern photos to up level your feeds.
Tech tutorials
What good is the Playbook if you can't actually implement it? Whether you're a novice or a tech genius, 15+ easy to follow video tutorials will help you get the job done.
Modern home and online party templates
No one came to your last party? It's not you, Parties are dead. Let us show you a better way.
Build a profitable, modern social selling business that you can be proud of
A 30 Day step-by-step guide that includes tools and resources that will get your beauty social selling business back on track. This online, self paced program is packed full of done-for-you social media posts, stock images, home party printouts, proven social selling strategies and step-by-step tutorials showing you how Top Rank Leaders get those gorgeous photos, engaging feeds and how to effectively use LIVE video to maximize your beauty sales.
What's included in the pLAYBOOK...
30 daily videos, scripts & done-for-you posts complete with graphics:
Knowing what to post, when to post it can make anyones head spin. We got you covered. Included is a 30 Day Playbook with daily social media posts already written out for you. Simply copy & paste girl! Inside The Playbook you will also find a matching photo for the day as well as scripts to use for direct messages, emails & party invites. ($1997 value)

Facebook Beauty School Course :

Done-for-You printables and scripts for your in person workshop. 
($289 value)

Social Media Video Tutorials:
Ever wonder how Influencers get that look in their social media feed? Included are our TOP photo editing tutorials showing you the tools, apps and simple techniques you can use to get this same look. Presets, editing, lighting, flatlays, we're talking #allthethings that will make your feed look gorgeous. ($597 value)

4 Bonus master classes:
--Instagram 101

--IGTV For Beauty Social Sellers

--Optimizing Your FB Profile For Business

--Instagram Like A Pro

($997 value)
Photo editing presets
Photo Editing Presets
Give your feed a cohesive and branded feel without the hassle!
($97 value)

Do you want to see a little sneak peek of what's inside The Playbook?

The Playbook is only available for purchase for $100 off the regular price for $297 until midnight on Sunday the 19th.  After that, the price will increase to it's regular price of $397.

If you're thinking "Maybe I'll just wait for the next sale if I miss this one," chew on this! How much further along could you be in your business in 30 days?! We learned early on that investing in your business is always worth it. We're even confident that the minimal investment you make in the Playbook will be made up in increased revenue just in your first month! (And probably several times over!)
"Girl, it's like you guys heard my cry to my hubby.  I'm a homeschooling momma of 8 (and preggo with number 9)...I told him last month that if someone could just tell me EXACTLY WHAT TO DO, I would do it in a heartbeat.  Just give me the steps and I'll "do the do"...the figuring everything out on my own was making me crazy! 
But I'm no freaking quitter...and I am so glad I found you guys! #danceparty"

"My mouth was hanging open on Day 1 from something I learned!" 

"On Day 4 of the Playbook and loving every minute!  Thank you for all your amazing hard work that went into this! Game changer!!"

"I was reluctant to buy the program because of pervious purchases. But I'm blown away by the amount of info that is presented in this course! I'm SO happy!"

Commonly Asked Questions:

How did the Playbook come about?
We created a similar plan for our own social selling teams after getting the same question every day, “Yeah, but what do I DO?!” We realized our downlines were in a state of analysis paralysis, constantly consuming training and information but without any idea of how to implement it in their business. (Trust us, we’d been there too!) So we developed a 30-day business plan with the exact daily activities we performed to build our $20 million teams. Seeing the success our teams were having with our 30-day plan inspired us to bring something similar to the entire social selling industry! 
We don’t have to tell you how high the turnover rate is in social selling. Some companies report an attrition rate as high as 56%. And it takes most reps an average of 5.3 reps to reach productivity! No doubt that’s directly tied to the confusion and mass amounts of information available! What if you just had a plan that could be repeated month after month that created revenue immediately? How much more powerful would the industry be? How much more of our teams would we retain?
That’s exactly why the Playbook was developed!

Who are Dawn and Hilarry and why should we listen to them?! (Don’t worry. We get that alot. Just ask our kids. ;)
To be honest, before we started our social selling businesses, we were stay at home moms. Both former school teachers but no experience with sales or leading large organizations whatsoever (unless you count trying to get 5th graders to clean up their desk area!)
We started our businesses not realizing at all what was possible. As soon as we realized the potential of a social selling business, we went full steam ahead and sought out all the training, courses, conferences, and coaching we could get our hands on. (Translation: We spent a LOT of money and even more time.)
Within 6 months, we both had million dollar teams and had developed skills and talents we had no idea were hiding behind the diaper changes and Cheerios. We were hooked on this industry. 
Since then, our teams have sold more than $20 million in products and we’ve reached the top ranks. At the end of Hilarry’s first full fiscal year in social selling, she ended the year as the #2 distributor in her company. We don’t say this to brag, but to let you know that if these Big Gulp drinking stay at home moms can have success, so can you. And even better for you, you can learn from our mistakes and the thousands of dollars and years that we spent figuring it all out!

I’m brand new at my business, will I know enough to do the activities in the course?
Yes. Yes. Yes! And here's why. First, we give you a daily explainer videos to go along with the activities and tech tutorials! We have designed done-for-you templates and give written post examples and scripts to use that have made us $1,000s of dollars and we’re sharing them with you!!
Since then, our teams have sold more than $20 million in products and we’ve reached the top ranks. At the end of Hilarry’s first full fiscal year in social selling, she ended the year as the #2 distributor in her company. We don’t say this to brag, but to let you know that if these Big Gulp drinking stay at home moms can have success, so can you. And even better for you, you can learn from our mistakes and the thousands of dollars and years that we spent figuring it all out!

What if I don’t sell makeup? Does the Playbook still work for me?
YES! The Playbook is not specific to any one company. Anyone with a customer base that’s predominantly women can use the Playbook! (To be honest, even dude products could be subbed in- the Playbook is really about strategy and a day by day business plan!) The Playbook focuses on your company’s “wow” products and giving overall value to your customers and followers that’s not necessarily coming from just the products you sell. It gets boring for you and even more boring for your customers to talk about the same things over and over! 
One of the features of the Playbook is the customer course that’s included, Beauty School. Beauty School is an online workshop, the point of which is to provide insane value to your customers. It’s positioned like an exclusive course that you’re offering as a way of giving back to your customers. It’s less focused on selling and more providing value...the selling happens naturally as a result of your recommendations. Each day goes through a different module of the course you would teach your followers. Some of the suggested talking points we give are beauty specific (which would still totally work for you even if you sell active wear or nail strips, etc!) and some of the days are fashion, hair styling, etc. you could easily tweak any of the days to focus more specifically on your product if you wanted to! 
Since your customers are women, they’re probably interested in beauty, fitness, fashion, etc so the framework of beauty school fits! The whole point of it is to give value to your customers so you’re hitting on more than just what you specifically sell. 
If you’re in a female focused business, the Playbook will work for you! 

How long do I have to access the Playbook?
Does lifetime access sound like a good deal to you? After purchasing, you have unlimited access to the Playbook for as long as you want- across any and all devices you own. That means, when you purchase the Playbook, you get all the future updates too. 

Can I start the Playbook at a later date?
Yes- by signing up today, you get lifetime access. So you can start, stop, pause, go whenever you’re ready. You have 24/7/365 access to the content from any device..

What if I’m not a tech wizard?
Don’t worry! We walk you through not only the strategy, but the technical how-tos so even if you’re a total novice, we’ve got you covered. As long as you’re willing to try, we’ve got ya covered. 

Can’t I just learn all this online for free?
You could. Scientists have estimated there are 4.66 billion web pages and more than 40,000 Google searches every second.
Information is awesome! But if you don’t know what you need to know, where to look, or how to apply it to your business then all the information in the world won’t help.
Trust us. The Playbook will fast-track your growth and save you years of experience and expensive trial and error. Doing this alone is overwhelming and time consuming. So we made you a road map. A plan of action. A tried and true system to follow so you can feel confident that you’re doing the right thing every day. Ya welcome! 

Can I share the Playbook with a downline or a friend? 
Your purchase of the Playbook allows license for one user only. If you have a group or team that wants to go through the Playbook together, please reach out to us for group pricing.

What do I do if I have more questions?
Please reach out to us at or send us a direct message. We love to help! 
NOW IS THE TIME  to get a proven plan to Rock Your Business and Ignite Crazy Momentum! 
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