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Dawn and Hilarry founded Modern Social after building a $20 million social selling business. What began as “We would never try a direct sales business!” turned into “Wait a minute, this is actually a genius business model!” Together, they built a 20 million dollar business in less than three years by helping more than 4,000 women leverage tools and strategies to build a rockin business of their own.

We’re here to help you modernize your social selling business. We’ve discovered there’s a better way. This is not your mama’s direct sales business. No ma'am! We’re teaching you the tools and skills you need to rock your beauty based business and still have time to show up well for the ones you love and show up for your life! We’re helping you leverage all of the tools and strategy at your fingertips to build a life-changing business you deserve.
We're SQUASHING stereotypes. linking arms. building empires.

Welcome to Modern Social. Direct Sales doesn’t have to be hard. The world of social media and modern technology that we live in allows us to build life-changing businesses from the palm of our hands while still enjoying the freedom and flexibility we love so much about the social selling industry.  You’re the boss and you wear so many different hats that sometimes it can feel overwhelming to know where to focus your precious time. That’s where we come in.

Are you brand spanking new to your beauty direct sales business and you don’t know where to start? Are you feeling “stuck” and don’t know what to post? Are you overwhelmed and need to know where to focus your time & make the most of every minute?? Do you really need to make at least $500 in commissions this month? Well, we got you girl! 

We’re sharing our #beautybossbabe social selling “playbook” and it is packed with the most modern and proven success strategies. The Playbook is a 30 Day, self guided, online course for beauty based business owners, that provides you with the exact tools. resources and daily action steps needed to nail results and generate sales! The playbook is jam packed done-for-you, income producing activities that will help you build and pour value into your community, and make you money from Day 1.

Professionally Unprofessional is a Podcast that shares weekly episodes for the professionally unprofessional. Join us as we talk mindset, road blocks, strategies, tips, and tools to implement TODAY to build a massively successful mlm business the modern way! 

We dive into what has worked (& failed miserably) along our journey of building ur very own $20 million beauty network marketing business...with a Diet Coke in one hand and a baby in the other. This isn’t your mama’s direct sales business. This is full-fledged empire building in the modern, social media-driven world. Interviews with other industry top earners, marketing & social media experts, and the girl’s playbook make this podcast a can’t miss!

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We would love to connect with you and link arms with you as you build your social selling beauty business. 
Let's connect online, we can totally be BFF's ~ xoxo
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